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Peertrix operates its own communication and networking infrastructure using its own IP and AS number assignments that are not reliant on any other ISP to provide peertrix with Internet connectivity. Our communication infrastructure utilizes fiber optic connections. Each building in our communication complex has a minimum of two different Telco’s of fiber ensuring our network a 99.999% uptime connectivity.


Peertrix is one of the few companies using its own data center. Our data center hosts all kind of web solutions on its servers in the USA . Located in New York our purpose is to build a powerful connection between our clients, our data centre and the multiple international telecommunication networks, and finaly the end users.

Data Center

Our data centre and management complex is located in New York with top rated security, fire proof, temperature control and power stability control equipment which provides the best and ideal operating environment for servers, network and communication equipment.

Hosting Platform

The unique architecture of our hosting platform brings numerous benefits to our customers, including speed, reliability and security.


We employ a very knowledgeable and efficient technical support team to assist our clients in any difficulties or queries they may have regarding their hosting account. Our support team is available to assist customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with average response times being under one hour.

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